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History & Background of INTERPORT

INTERPORT is a specialist Consultancy and Infrastructure Development Company in the West Midlands, UK. It was established in 2013 and commenced trading on 1st April 2015. To concentrate on consultancy and infrastructure development in Bangladesh, Interport Dhaka Private Limited was established and commenced trading on 22nd day of August 2016, with registration no: C-132588. Core business is consultancy, specializing in Feasibility studies, Port Master Planning, Environmental and Social Sustainability Services, Ports & Shipyards Operation and Maintenance, Marine Design and Construction Services, Port and Shipping Economics, Infrastructure Development & Design, Coastal and River Engineering and Management etc. Also specialized in development of transport in the sector of Port, Harbour and Jetty, Airport, Railways, Roads and Highways, Bridges and Water Resources.

Recently the company has been focusing on transport, communication and infrastructure development in both the UK and Bangladesh.

Board of Directors

Dr Manzurul Haque

Managing Director

Dr Manzur Haque has worked in the logistics and materials handling sector initially just in Bangladesh. He was asked by his European principal also to cover both Pakistan and Afghanistan. This led to have spread his interests into Ports, Harbour, Jetty, Shipping, Hydrography and Hydrology. So he decided to provide consultancy services in this market. Dr. Manzur is an honorary advisor of BIMRAD.

Mr. Peter IIes

Director Operation

A graduate from York University in the UK, Peter has a long and successful career as both a port manager, container line operator and ferry operator; and more recently as a specialist consultant in ports, shipping and the international movement of freight.

Mr. Anisuz Zaman Chowdhury​

Director Finance

A chartered accountant (Qualified from UK) with substantial involvement in international donor-aided projects, addressing donor-prescribed financial management issues and aligning with clients’ requirements including development and implementation of Financial Management Systems. Considerable financial management experience with industrial and commercial organisations.

Mr. Md. Yusef Ali​

Commercial Director

A graduate of Dhaka University (Commerce) and the Northumbria University in UK, Mr. Yusef Ali plays a crucial role in the company’s development, both in Bangladesh and more recently SE Asia.